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.:Broken Men:. by Kra7en .:Broken Men:. by Kra7en
So I've had an idea bouncing around in my head for a while of making an animation to Does It Offend You Yeah's second album. (Look it up. I can't find the whole thing on YouTube.) I've drawn several concepts since I first heard the album, and it's been getting more and more fleshed out about every other time I hear the album.

This guy is part of said concept. The idea is that a certain group of people takes dead "Knights" souls and puts them in metal bodies so that the other Knights have something to fight. In this world, souls look like holograms.

I may or may not post more about this concept that I may or may not do. Who knows? It's pretty alive in my head right at the moment, but I have a colossal amount of work on my plate.

Still... that never stopped me before, right?

Hope y'all enjoy~
AndrzejKrawczyk Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
This is a VERY good idea. A mech with a holo instead of a head, great fusion of machine power and subtler means of communication, expression and identification...
Kra7en Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Aaaah, thank you! I'm glad you liked this one, as its one of my favorite art pieces that I've done. It was one of those things where you come up with an idea, draw it, then look up and say "did I just draw that?!" :)
korrag4 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well that's a pretty crazy but appealing idea.
If I might add, how would the concept of the Higher, more respected Knights getting shinier more Mech-esque bodies work? I think it'd be interesting to have these Colossi of machines clunking around in some kinda "Grand hall" as body guards or elite mentors.
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November 14, 2012
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